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 A source for flavoring beverages and food and has also been used for its beneficial properties.

Has been reported to encourage dreaming

Commonly brewed into mugwort tea and can also be used as incense, incorporated into dream pillows, and infused into botanical vinegars.

Ancient Roman soldiers were known to put mugwort in their sandals to keep their feet from getting tired.

Native Americans equate mugwort with witchcraft. They believed that the rubbing of the leaves on the body are said to keep ghosts away, and a necklace of mugwort leaves is said to help protect against dreaming about the dead.

It has been believed that John the Baptist wore a girdle of mugwort in the wilderness for protection. Other magical attributes include protection for road weary travelers, and general protection against the evils of the spirit realms.

Many have reported that if mugwort is used as a tea before bed, or even just sprinkled around your pillow, a person may have lucid dreams that night.