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The tiny pinecones of the juniper shrub, tart and sharp, with a resinous, piney flavor and hints of citrus, a seasoning. This pungent spice is popular in European cuisine and also gives gin its distinguishing flavor.

The ancient Greeks used juniper berries as a medical remedy and Greek athletes used to eat them before races to increase stamina. Juniper berries have even been found in the tomb of King Tut!

used as diuretic, anti-arthritis, anti-diabetes, antiseptic as well as for the treatment of gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders

Can be put into capsules, teas, smoothies, juices, foods, soups or infused as an herbal extract. For cosmetic use can be infused in oil for making salves, lotions & creams. For aromatic use can be combined with other herbs in incense blends. For decorative use can be used in potpourri & floral displays